As a former city employee I have a unique perspective on how the city

functions. I have seen and experienced wonderful things in my city. I

have also seen need for change and efficiency. I made the decision to

run for commissioner to bring positive changes to the city.


As a Veteran, I bring a sense of duty, dedication and devotion. As a

retired Police Sergeant for this city, I bring 29 years of government

experience and service to the public. I understand the need for

repairing our streets, for productive communication between city

government and it’s citizens and the need to have a voice in government


One of my first goals is to improve communication by responding to

questions citizens may have and addressing their concerns in a

timely manner. My second goal is to improve government efficiency by

engaging the city employees in an effort to understand what they feel is

necessary for a good working relationship.

The majority of the concerns I have heard from citizens was fiscal

responsibility and infrastructure. I want to ensure money is spent

responsibly and all the city departments are fully staffed so

infrastructure work and public safety are used efficiently.

The biggest challenge for the city is responsible growth. I want to take a

look at the process that is required for businesses to establish

themselves in the city and to look into the city’s inspection process and

impact fees. From there I can gauge what changes may be needed to

attract businesses into our city